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"G'day from Australia"





I hope you enjoy browsing around my little place on the internet. Enjoy your time here and dont forget to bookmark my website, so you can visit me again :)



The music playing is" Unchained Melody" - one of my favorite songs, however you can turn it off by hitting the stop button on your browser if u wish

lyrics and music to Unchained Melody



I live in South East Queensland, Australia and I luv the bush, the ocean, the stars and all that nature has to offer.



I often say "why put music on" when I can listen to the wonderful voices of birds singing and ducks quaking".



Nature is free: take time to observe it, appreciate it and enjoy the peace and tranquility that it gives us.








sitting around a campfire while watching possums playing hide n seek



Swimming after a hot summers day, while being blanketed by the milky way



Sitting down with a glass of wine and watching the sun set behind the mountains






Ps: that pic isnt me - geez how I wish it was lol





If you love a butterfly set it free

If it comes back to you

Its yours to keep forever

If it doesnt..

It never was







*I Love Chocolate coated almonds

*Mud cake with lashings of chocolate fudge

*Seafood ~ havnt had a lobster mornay for a long time

and of course....

*there is nothing nicer than sitting around with mates and having a good ol Aussie barbie



I hate beetroot, it tastes grosse and stains the rest of the salad as well as making the bread go soggy :)







To see every nook and crannie of this wonderful country I live in



to travel to far away lands...


to visit Memphis.. the home of Elvis Presley


to experience a White Christmas


and to see "real wild elephants" on safari





have respect for me.. and I will have respect for you :)








I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of rugged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains,

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel-sea,

Her beauty and her terror -

The wide brown land for me.

~ Dorothea Mackellar ~








Time fly's when your having fun :)



follow the links to the corners of my website that interest you the most. When time permits, I will add more......








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